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Climate crisis, species extinction, inequality: just is different!

The German government will receive the heads of state and government of large industrialised countries at the end of June to the G7 summit. They come together at the castle Elmau near Garmisch-Partenkirchen — shielded from the public. But we will speak out loudly with tens of thousands of people in Munich and demand of them: Draw consequences from the Russian war against Ukraine! Free us as soon as possible from the dependence on oil, gas and coal! Act in all consequence against climate crisis and species extinction! And finally fight hunger, poverty and inequality!

We avouch to the aim of common security and call for an active peace policy. We need more funds for a social-ecological transformation and a powerful welfare state. In addition, far more resources than in the past must be provided for crisis prevention, for civil conflict transformation and for the expansion of development cooperation and humanitarian aid.

Save climate and biodiversity!

The 2020s are the last decade in which we can still avert a climate catastrophe and a gigantic extinction of species. The G7 countries with their scarcely sustainable economic system bear great responsibility for how massively these two crises come to a head. That is precisely why they must now turn the tide and end the use of fossil energies and the destruction of nature.

The leaders of the G7 countries must ensure that ...

  • ... we will completely stop the combustion of coal, oil, and gas within the next 20 years and dismantle climate-damaging subsidies. Instead, we must realize a complete renewable energy supply, decarbonization of the economy and energy efficiency and saving.
  • ... our cities become more livable and life in the countryside more attractive. This implies far fewer cars and better infrastructure for rail, bus and bike.
  • ... farmers around the world can produce sustainable, healthy and climate-friendly food that provides for everyone. For this they must receive fair prices and equitable access to land and seeds.
  • ... 30 percent of our planet is protected by 2030, half of the areas previously destroyed by man are renaturalized and internationally the 700 billion dollar funding gap is closed. The G7 countries need to lay the foundation for the adoption of a globally binding agreement on the conservation of biological diversity within this year. It is thereby essential to respect the lives of indigenous societies and to involve those affected.

Create more justice!

The COVID-19 pandemic has once again highlighted to us how unequally global crises hit people: While more than 160 million people additionally fell in poverty, the ten richest billionaires have doubled their wealth. Worldwide more than 800 million people are starving right now. Similarly, the access to vaccinations and good health care is distributed unjustly. Those who suffer the most are those who already had little before. Due to the war in Ukraine, food prices are rising massively, which hits hardest the poorest and increases the hunger in the world. At the same time, too much food ends up in the tank and in the feed trough instead of on the plate.

The reduction of poverty and hunger have often been on the agenda at G7 summits. But only empty words remained. We want to change that. The heads of state and government of the G7 countries must now ensure that ...

  • ... the gap between rich and poor is closing. Wealthy people and companies must be consistently taxed and tax havens closed.
  • ... hunger and poverty must be fought decisively. The G7 countries must provide 0,7 percent of the gross national income for development cooperation and humanitarian aid, give a comprehensive debt haircut to countries in acute debt crisis and must end hunger in end the world with an action plan.
  • ... all people have access to life-saving vaccines and medicines by, for example, finally abolishing patent protection.
  • ... companies with trade and investment agreements not only have rights but also also receive obligations through, for example, high social and ecological standards. They must comply with human rights and environmental requirements in their global supply chains and be liable in the event of damage.

With tens of thousands of people we will peacefully go out on the streets on Saturday, June 25 in Munich, Germany. Together we stand up for a different policy of the G7 countries. The demonstration joins the diverse protests surrounding the G7 summit in Elmau.

Demonstrate with us!


You can help us already now creating a huge and loud signal going out to the castle of Elmau and into the whole world. And this is what you can do:

Mobilise online

Tell all your friends about the G7 demonstration in Munich. We have created sharepics that you can use to feed your social media channels with. Just download the file and happy posting. #JustIsDifferent #GerechtGehtAnders

Facebook event

Join the facebook event, always stay up to date and invite all your friends.

Mobilisation package

You can order a package with posters, flyers and stickers to mobilise your community for the G7 demonstration.

The online form is available only in German.

Come around

You can also come around at our local office in Munich and collect your favorite stickers, posters and flyers. You find us here:

G7 Demo Office
c/o Greenpeace Munich
Frohschammer Straße 14
80807 München

We are available Tu 1 - 5 pm & Th 3 - 8 pm or upon request. Just write an email to


We counter the expensive backroom talks at castle Elmau with our loud, creative and diverse protest. Yet even our demonstration is not for free: stage, print-outs and organisation of the demonstration costs money. Therefore, we rely on your donations!

Please support the protest with your donation!

You can transfer your donation to the following bank account:
NaturFreunde Berlin e.V.
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE38 1002 0500 0003 2157 02
Purpose: G7-Demo 2022

Our you simply use our online form! (Available only in German)

Contact us

You can reach out for us via email. Just write to and we'll come back to you as soon as possible.

Panel of supporters

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